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Welcome to SiRV Interactive

AtA�SiRV Interactive, our goalA�is to let you “Display Your Imagination”. We set out to create a digital display system that installs quickly, integrates seamlessly and provides a totally customized solution that can be controlled from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


No more chalk or dry-erase boards, no messy wires or 100-page instruction manuals. Our best-in-class hardware and software gives you an all-in-one solution to channel your message and creativity. With no more printed or hand-written specials boards, youa��ll be ready to boost the bottom line in no time.


“It must be flat out easy to operate”

These days, we hear that quote over and over when we talk with business owners that want to feature digital displays.


At SiRV Interactive we strive to design & manufactureA�the most cutting-edge, intuitive, all-in-one platform for digital signage. We custom create digital signage solutions that can be personalized to the exact specifications our clients demand, and that can be updated with original content by just a few clicks of the mouse or touches ofA�your finger on a smartphone or tablet.


Display Your Imaginationa�?A�with SiRV Interactive.



Designer Series

A truly unique digital display solution that brings together distinctive menu board layouts and the most attractive graphic design in the biz.


Flex Series

Flex Series offers all of the eye-catching features of our Designer Series with full editing capabilities.


Custom Series

If you can dream it, SiRV can make it happen.


Elemental Series

Large, editable, multi-feature display & menu solution for high volume establishments.


Display Genius

Plug, personalize & play with SiRVa��s easy-to-use specials board display.




Gallo's Subs Restaurant Digital Displays

Gallo's Famous Subs


Roma Pizza

Display Commander


The Display Commander is a software package (easily installed on your smartphone, tablet or computer) that puts you in command of your SiRV Interactive display.


Display Commander gives you the power to add and remove content like menu items, prices, ads & specials, scrolling info and even social media features at the touch of a button.


All of your content is stored in the SiRV Interactive Cloud and is flat out easy for you to update, retrieve and display. A�Want to put up a new photo or switch from lunch specials to happy hour banner ads? A�No problem.


The DiSPLAY Commander puts the whole system in your hands.

Total Solutions


Hardware Customization

From large or complex setup desires to smaller, simpler solutions, SiRV can provide custom hardware that syncs perfectly with your display vision to a create a system that is unique to your specific business.


Software Design

Digital signage provides the instant gratification of sending your message to your audience immediately, so SiRV strives to mirror this experience and deploy our custom designs as quickly as possible.


Killer Custom Content

The secret to great results is great content, and at SiRV Interactive we are committed to making it easy to display your imagination. A�SiRVa��s creative content directors can work with you to create new content.


System Integration

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SiRV offers a total solutions approach that would not be possible without the expertise and contributions of a solid portfolio of display solutions partners that work with us.


Project Management

Whether wea��re working with the look and feel of an existing campaign or creating it from scratch, wea��ll consult with you to understand your products, services and goals.



Delivering a one-of-a-kind digital display for your restaurant or business is what we do. To help make that happen, we offer low-interest financing and payment solutions.

Our Team



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