Gallo’s Famous Subs

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Gallo's Famous Subs

Gallo's Famous Subs is an institution in Southern California for building some of the best sandwiches anywhere. So when the owners approached SiRV Interactive about creating an all-in-one, customized solution to display their menu, it was an incredible honor to build their displays.


Gallo's is known for using the highest quality meats and ingredients and having a menu full of options, so ensuring that the restaurant could optimally feature menus and specials and have the ability to quickly customize messages was a must. SiRV developed a tailored solution to for Gallo's to seamlessly integrate their on-screen displays and register in one easy-to-use platform.


Watch the video to learn what Gallo's employee, Cindy Wilson, says customers think about the displaysAi??and howAi??they benefit the restaurant.

What I like about the boards is that they are eye-catching to the customer.
Its very interactive, especially when there is a line and they can look up at the board and know what is available.
We're able to change the daily specials on them and we have complete control
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